Brett Thompson Linder, will be scheduling therapy sessions at The Spine and Joint Rehabilitation Associates of Alaska. We’re located at 4007 Old Seward Highway, Ste 1000 in the Galerie North Mall at the intersection of 40th and Old Seward Highway.

Brett Thomson Linder, Certified Advanced Rolfer™, will be available at the Spine and Joint Rehabilitation Associates Clinic December 5th thru December 16th of 2016.

If you would like to schedule with Brett, The Spine and Joint Rehabilitation Associates welcome the opportunity to work with you by scheduling appointments and working with your insurance company or if you do not have insurance we will be happy to make other arrangements. You can contact our clinic at 907-646-7653 or you may contact Brett directly at for more information.

The Spine and Joint Rehabilitation Associates of Alaska accepts insurance for Chiropractic treatment as well as manual therapy by Certified Rolfing® Practitioners. The clinic will require some information to help you start the process with your insurance.

  • A copy of your driver license;
  • a copy of your insurance card (both sides);
  • your phone number and;
  • your email.

You can scan the above information and email it to us at or you may bring it by the clinic. Once we verify your insurance benefits a member of our staff will call you and discuss the information obtained from your insurance company.  At that time we can make you an appointment with our Chiropractor for an evaluation and plan of care. If you prefer, you may get a referral from your current physician, we would like to give you one of our referral forms to give to your practicing physician to make it a more seamless experience with regards to the insurance process.

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